Why Would You Pay For An Antivirus program?

In far to many of my house calls I still see people running Norton Antivirus or McAffee which are paid antiviral programs and require a large amount of your computers available resources (mainly RAM) to operate.  Norton is a fairly invasive program as well and leaves all sorts of registry keys and unused files behind when un-installed from one’s computer.  No need to worry if you have Norton or had; you can download the official software from Symantec (the maker of Norton) to remove this product.  CLICK HERE to visit Symantec’s site and download the removal tool.

So now what?

There is a free alternative which is all I recommend, it is called AVG Free 9.0.  This tool is, in my opinion far superior to Norton or other paid substitutes on the market currently.  AVG Free can be download by clicking here.

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