Using Disk Defragmenter to Improve Computer Speed

Built into Windows is a disk utility program called Disk Defragmenter, and customers are always slightly confused as to the importance and exact process of running this application.

What does it mean that my disk is heavily defragmented?

  • When files are stored on your hard drive often the file is separated (example: FILE1FILE2FILE1) or there is unnecessary space in between the files so the computer requires more time to find the specific files.


Benefits of running the Disk Defragmenter:

  • First and foremost, defragmenting your hard drive will result in faster load times and faster performance (not greatly, but small improvements).

  • Because the files are sorted, the hard drive doesn’t have to work as hard to read all the necessary files. This protects the hard drive from potentially overworking itself and doing serious damage to your machine.
  • Believe it or not, you may find that after defragmenting your machine that you have more room on your hard drive than your computer originally thought.


How do I run the Disk Defragmenter?

  • Select “Start” or the “Windows Logo” in bottom left
  • Go to “All Programs”
  • Go to “Accessories”
  • Go to “System Tools”
  • Click on “Disk Defragmenter” (See below)
  • Select your hard drive (Usually C:)
  • Select “Defragment”



  • This process isn’t going to provide great noticeable speed improvements, but will slightly increase file access speed and overall increased performance.
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