Un-secure Wifi’s Threats

Imagine you’re sitting in a coffee shop surfing your Facebook page, or Twitter account and all of the sudden the stranger sitting at the next table is updating your status and sending messages to your friends from your account.

It could happen and anyone can do it.

Firesheep is a free Firefox browser plugin which allows attackers to monitor un-secure wireless hot-spots for people logging in to websites that do not require secure connections (ex: Facebook, Twitter, Many Consumer Websites). Once a person logs in to their account, the attacker is able to steal their browser cookie (a process called “session hijacking”) and access the victim’s account with just a few mouse clicks, virtually undetected. Firesheep is almost idiot-proof, and gives even the most inexperienced computer user a access to your accounts.

For testing purposes I download Firesheep and within minutes I had access (I didn’t log on, just testing) to random users personal accounts from the coffee shop beneath my home.

This is an area of security which some of the most popular sites in the world (facebook, twitter) need to update to use HTTPS technology and not be storing credentials in Cookies, which as you can see can be easily intercepted.

Be careful what you do on an un-secure Wifi connection and we will see which major site will implement changes in response to Firesheep and the publicity it is receiving.

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