System Defragmenter Malware Scam

What is System Defragmenter and why do you need to remove it?  This is malware (what is malware?) and is not a genuine system or disk defragmenter program and will try to trick you by telling you that you have various file errors on your computer. This malware will run a fake system scan to try to convince you that there are major errors on your computer that need to be fixed fast and that you need to buy the full version of this software.

Possible Error Messages:

– Caution! 30% of your hard drive has been damaged and the information stored on it may be unrecoverable

– The temperature of your hard drive is reaching critical levels due to un-optimized files and hard drive damage. Immediate action is necessary to preserve the rest of your information.

– Your PC is in danger of crashing due to abnormal levels of heat buildup. You must improve your hard drive efficiency to decrease the temperature before it’s too late.

How to Fix:

1. Restart Your Computer and as soon as it turns back on (when you see the Dell, Gateway Logo, etc.), called the BIOS screen, press “F8″

2. When prompted how to start windows, select: “Start Computer in Safe Mode with Networking” (see image below)

3. Open your internet brower once Windows loads and download MalwareBytes Anti-Malware by clicking here

4. After downloading and installing MalwareBytes, select “Run Full Scan” (see image below),  and remove all infections upon completion.

Your computer should be fixed now but if for some reason the problem isn’t corrected, you should contact a service professional as the program can set up its installation in the startup folder so meaning it will re-install every time you load windows.

I hope this helps as the amount of Malware Scams are continuing to grow rampant.

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