Save any document as a PDF file

So you are writing a word document, quickbooks invoice, excel document, etc. and you want to save it as a PDF so people will not be able to edit your work and will have an accessible file format.  Unless you have purchased Adobe Acrobat (not Adobe Reader — which is the free one) then you don’t have the option of saving any file as a PDF.  With a free download (another open source piece of software) you can install PDFCreator and you will be making PDFs in no time.


1. Download the file and then follow the steps through the installation process.

2. You will now have the ability to save documents as a pdf as well as it will create a “printer” to make PDFs.

If you go to print a document ( durango pc repair + P) and select the PDFCreator “printer” then it will prompt you where you want to save your PDF file so that you can email or store it.

I hope this helps and if you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask!

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