Resizing Programs in Windows 7

So  if you have made the leap to Windows 7 you should of noticed that if you move a program to the right/left side of the screen, it will automatically re-size to 50% of the screen (see image below).  If not try it, it is something that makes multitasking much easier and Microsoft should of thought of this years ago!

If you drag a program to the top of the screen it will re-size “full screen”, left/right it will size to half the screen so you can have two programs open side by side.

But what you might not of known is that you can use the  computer repair durango + Arrow Keys to switch “Full Screen (up arrow)”, “Minimize (down arrow)”, 50% left (left arrow), and 50% (right arrow).

I hope that makes it easier for you to use and keep an eye out for more to come!

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