Microsoft Security Essentials Malware

Initial Symptoms:

Microsoft warns of the fake Microsoft Security Essentials Alert that was discovered to pretend as a security tool from the software giant. In fact, it is a fake program trying to scam computer owners into purchasing their fake “anti-virus” programs. Microsoft Security Essentials Alert malware (meaning bad software) is introduced in an alert message reporting various threat details (see image 1). It will give an option to fix the computer and remove the threat by providing a “Scan Online” button.

Image 1 (Initial “Fake Infection” Screen)

Image of Fake Microsoft Security Essentials Alert

Clicking on “Scan Online”, will load a new window that display a number of available programs. There are actually so many legitimate programs present on the choices but mixed with rogue ones. Noticeably, only those fake programs are executable including Red Cross, Peak Protection, Pert Detector, Major Defense Kit and AntiSpy Safeguard (see image2).

Image 2 (What is shown after you select “Scan Online”)

Microsoft Security Essentials Alert Programs

Removal Instructions:

1. If possible: Open your internet browser and download MalwareBytes Anti-Malware by click here.

  • 1a. After downloading and installing MalwareBytes, select “Run Full Scan” and remove all infections upon completion

2. If you can not open any programs due to restrictions this malware makes:

  • 2a. Restart Your Computer and as soon as it turns back on (when you see the Dell, Gateway Logo, etc.), called the BIOS screen, press “F8”
  • 2b. When prompted how to start windows, select: “Start Computer in Safe Mode with Networking”
  • 2c. Open your internet brower once Windows loads and download MalwareBytes Anti-Malware by click here
  • 2d. After downloading and installing MalwareBytes, select “Run Full Scan” and remove all infections upon completion

Your computer should be Malware free!!!  You can update/scan with MalwareBytes whenever you feel necessary, or,  if you purchase a license for this software it will provide real-time protection and prevent these sorts of intrusions from getting into your computer.

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