Intel Completes Acquisition of McAfee

SANTA CLARA, Calif., February 28, 2011 – Intel Corporation today announced the acquisition of McAfee, Inc. is complete.

As the Internet expansion pushes it way into our cellphones, cars, and living room, the rise of more and more malware infections is imminent.  The question of how to protect our information has been an ongoing battle within the tech world.  With the acquisition, Intel plans to move into the security industry and possible take a new look at the preventative measure in IT security.

Intel and McAfee believe today’s approach to security does not adequately address the billions of new Internet-ready devices, including PCs, mobile and wireless devices, TVs, cars, medical devices and ATM machines. With the surge in cyber threats, providing protection to a diverse online world requires a fundamentally new approach involving software, hardware and services. Together the two companies will work to help people more securely take full advantage of the potential of computing and connectivity (Ramirez, 2011).


Ramirez, S. (2011, February 28). Intel completes acquisition of mcafee. Retrieved from

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