How Do I Delete All Temporary Files?

Maybe your running out of space on your hard drive, maybe you want to get rid of the temporary internet files, or maybe you are just feeling that its time for a spring cleaning.  So how do you get rid off all of the files left behind?

1. Click Start then go to All Programs then Accessories then System Tools then Disk Cleanup.

Your computer will analyze how much space you will gain by deleting temporary files.

shown below

Delete Temporary Files Windows

2.  After Disk Cleanup loads and lists all data that you are able to get rid of, you are able to select which items to remove.  I would recommend checking each item listed.

3. Click OK then all of this data will be removed and you will gain lots of disk space depending on how much data is being purged.

Now you have gained storage space on your hard drive and this tool can be used on a regular basis to keep from storing lots of unused installation data, temporary internet files, and deleted items.

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