Easily Switch Between Multiple Windows

When running multiple programs simultaneously it is often necessary to switch back and forth to reference information (example:  sending email and need to reference internet for flight information) and is time consuming to take your hands off the keyboard to use the mouse.


There is an easy way to switch between multiple running programs in Windows which can be extremely useful.

1. Press and hold the “alt” button

2. Then press the “tab

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3. If you only have two windows open it will automatically switch to the other open window.

4. If you have multiple windows open, you will see an image like the one below (only with the programs you have open):

5. While still holding the “alt” key down, you can press the “tab” button to scroll to the program you want to open, then release.

6. Repeat to switch back and forth.


I hope that makes it slightly easier to navigate multiple applications in Windows.  The more key combinations you know and the less time you have to take your hands off the keyboard, the better.

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