Dangerous ‘Dislike’ Scam Spreading on Facebook

It seems that everyone uses FaceBook these days and due to the billions of users there are a growing number of security threats to be aware of.

There are many opportunities to “Like” content on Facebook — and increasingly on sites all over the web — but Facebook doesn’t offer a “Dislike” button that people who don’t like a status update or a New York Times story can click to express their opinion. Facebook wants you to remember this.

That’s because a bogus Dislike button is appearing as an option on status updates. When a user clicks this nefarious button, he or she may wind up with more reason to dislike the page: The scam steals their identity or hijacks their account.

FaceBook Security and Computer Repair Durango CO

“Beware of the fake Facebook ‘Dislike’ button. As always, we advise you not to click on suspicious links on Facebook,” Facebook said in a security post. “We’re working hard to stop these from spreading. If you see one, report it to us, and warn any friends who might be affected.”

So be careful and we will attempt to bring to light more FaceBook scams as they are becoming more and more commonplace.

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