Connecting Your Windows 7 PC With An External Monitor

So it could be for a presentation, could be you want to watch Hulu from your computer on your tv, or you are connecting your laptop to an external monitor to have two monitors.

Well with Windows 7, it is very easy to transfer your output to either duplicate your screen, extend your screen (so that you can have two different desktops), or turn off multi-monitor display.

1. Press and hold the durango pc repair key and press “P” and you will see the below image.

2. While holding the durango pc repair key press “P” each time it will change the options for outputting display.

3. If you want to turn off the multimonitor display just press durango pc repair and “P” until the farthest left option is selected and the picture will return to just your main computer.

Try it out… play with it… this is a very¬†convenient¬†way to hook your PC to your TV or external Monitor for multi-tasking.

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