The scariest threat out there for your computer

There is a serious threat out there to all of your data, and it’s growing bigger every day…

More and more hackers have come to realize they can make a lot of money every day, simply by denying you access to your computer and the data you have stored in it.

This scenario is unfolding right now somewhere in the world. Probably somewhere very close to you right now – maybe even someone you know.

This very moment, someone is clicking a link in a spam email that is unleashing a world of havoc and chaos within their computer.

In a few seconds, all their data will be encrypted and they will have just a few days to pay hundreds or even thousands of dollars to get it back. Even with a backup – which most people don’t have – it will take hours to restore their computer back to how it was before this vicious attack.

There is a growing threat in the cyber world. Groups of remorseless hackers and cyber criminals are programming malicious software known as ransomware.  They’ve automated their attacks to the point of targeting anyone and everyone. But why do they do this?

An attacker’s estimated return on investment for exploit kit and ransomware schemes is 1,425%!!

There are two known types of ransomware in circulation:

  1. Encrypting ransomware: This type of ransomware incorporates advanced encryption algorithms. It’s designed to block access to media files and demand payment to provide the victim with the decryption key that will unlock access to the blocked content. Examples include Locky, CryptoLocker, CrytpoWall and more.
  2. Locker ransomware, which locks the victim out of the operating system, making it impossible to access the desktop and any apps, programs or files. The files are not encrypted in this case, but the attackers still ask for a ransom to unlock the infected computer. Examples include the police-themed ransomware (FBI, ICE, NSA, etc) or Winlocker.

The most widespread type of ransomware is crypto-ransomware or encrypting ransomware. The cyber security community agrees that this is the most prominent and worrisome cyber threat of the moment.

So what can be done to prevent this threat?

The first and most obvious thing is to make sure never to open an email with an unverified sender. Many emails disguise themselves as a company like FedEx or UPS. The emails look very official, but prompt you to check the attached file for information about the failed delivery of your package. Once you download this file, automated cyber-chaos is unleashed on your computer taking away all access to your most precious information. Also make sure you don’t download or open any attachments or click any links in emails from unverified senders.

The next thing you can do is to use an ad-blocker plugin for your browser. I personally use AdBlock for Google Chrome. I tend not to use any other browser because Chrome settings will cross over from one computer to another, keeping my life a little more simple. As I’m writing this, my AdBlock plugin has blocked over 75,000 ads and is being used by over 10,000,000 people. The numbers speak for themselves in reliability.



Make sure you have the most up to date version of your security software and make sure that it is set to check for updates every day. If an update requires you to reboot your computer, don’t put this off. Do this right away! All this is going to cost you is a few minutes of your time to make sure you don’t lose hours later on.

A paid version of security software is always better than the free version. I use AVG protection for all of my devices. AVG has security software for PC, Mac, and Android. The software for Mac and Android are free. The PC software has a paid version – AVG Internet Security. I highly recommend this software to protect your PC.


Make sure you have an active backup of all of your data. Cloud solutions for data backup are very affordable now and can save you thousands of dollars in a data recovery effort.  Carbonite is a leading provider of cloud backup and restore solutions for small and midsize businesses. They protect millions of devices and their valuable data for businesses and individuals around the world. Check out our page with Carbonite and see what plan is best for you


*Click on the logo to go to our Carbonite web page*


My computer got infected with ransomware… now what?

First of all, don’t pay the ransom. That may temporarily make your data available, but will NOT remove the malicious software from your computer, leaving you at risk to be exploited again.

We’ve recovered a great many computers infected with ransomware of all varieties with 100% success to date and zero data loss for our customers. Go to our contact page, and give us a buzz. We’ll be happy to get you back on track as fast as possible.

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Computer and laptop screen repair

Did you know broken screens are the most common laptop, phone, and tablet repair?

Screens can crack easily these days and can also just stop displaying due to backlight failure. Screens can also be plagued with clusters of dead pixels, vertical lines on the screen, or the ribbon cable can get pinched or damaged.

Is it cheaper to buy a new computer or repair yours? We will happily help you decide if your computer is worth repairing or not. With our affordable & competitive pricing it is almost always a good choice to repair the computer you already own, use, and love.

We can fix all LCD and LED screen issues and we understand the frustrations an accident can cause.

Schedule your computer repair and we will replace its cracked screen. With our computer repair services we offer service for all computer brands, fast, economical repairs, helpful, friendly service, and screen repair on the following makes:

  • Mac screen repair
  • Dell Screen Repair
  • Asus Screen Repair
  • Toshiba Screen Repair
  • HP Screen Repair
  • Acer Screen Repair
  • Compaq Screen Repair
  • Lenovo Screen Repair
  • Sony Screen Repair
  • IBM Screen Repair
  • Samsung Screen Repair
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Cloud Computing – What is it?!?

I was recently asked by several different people, “What is ‘Cloud Computing’?” and “What is ‘The Cloud’?” A technical definition would tell you cloud computing is the practice of using a network of remote servers hosted on the internet to store, manage, and process data, rather than a local server or personal computer. A more basic definition would be this: you run programs or store your data online through a web based program that allows you to use and access it from just about any computer that can get online.

Cloud users may access their data using a computer, netbook, pad/tablet computer, smart phone, or other internet device.  In a Cloud environment, users don’t download and install applications to their own device or computer; all processing and storage occurs on the cloud server.  Everything happens online!  Here’s a basic idea:

So how does this benefit anyone?  Well… First off, when you have your pictures and videos and documents stored online, there’s less risk in losing your valuable data. Online data storage companies transfer your data over encrypted networks to secure storage facilities that are not only virtually secure, but physically protected by trained, armed security staff.  The good ones also store your data in more than one location so that if their equipment were to fail, none of your data would be lost by them.  So, if there were to ever be a fire, robbery or fatal hard drive crash, you could know that your data is stored safely on encrypted storage servers that you can access, download, update or delete at any time on any computer with online access.
Larger companies are now even starting to use dedicated online servers to process and compute their data instead of constantly upgrading their own hardware to keep up with current specifications.

With a new partnership with Carbonite online backup, the Computer Solution can now offer unlimited online storage options for a fraction of the price of other companies offering online storage.
If you’re interested in learning more about how you can keep you data safe on ‘The Cloud’ (online) go ahead and give us a call today. We’d be happy to hear from you.

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The Computer Solution is under new ownership!

A deal in the works for months is now complete.  We are pleased to announce that “the Computer Solution llc” has a new owner.  Ownership is being taken over by Chris McCotter, who also owns CM Services computer repair. With years of technology services under his belt, he can continue to provide new innovative solutions for your needs, quick repair services and the excellent customer service that you’ve come to expect and rely on.  As a local and Durango native Chris is sure to provide you with the friendly home town professional Durango service we all know.  Over the course of the next 6 months CM Services will be merging with the Computer Solution and continue to grow to hopefully be the most wanted, most needed, most reliable computer repair and technology service company in the area.

So what does this mean for you? Not a whole lot really.  It’s still the same phone number.  Same email address.  Same website.  Same great, knowledgeable service. Merely a different guy on the other end of the phone or email making sure that you don’t have to be frustrated with your computer or other technology in your homes, offices, and businesses.

What’s Brendan gonna do?  Well, Brendan is finishing up his Master’s degree and has decided that the time has come to move on to other adventures.  He’ll be moving out of town at the end of this summer, so if you see him around town, be sure to wish him well. He’s done a fantastic job at providing the best and most reliable technology services around and we all wish him the very best in everything he does.

My promise to you: “I promise to provide you with the services that you know you deserve, without cutting corners, to get you the results that you want and need.”
-Chris McCotter-

P.S. You can quote me on that any time.

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Monthly Maintenance Package

So I try to use this blog as a forum to help with computer tips and not promote my services and products… but I am going to make an exception today to promote the Computer Solution’s Monthly Maintenance Program.

The Monthly Maintenance Program is a service where a certified technician remotely connects to your computer on a monthly basis to run some preventative maintenance tools.  We update antivirus programs, windows updates, clean your registry to speed up performance, de-fragment your computer, and many other items which will keep your computer running well and increase overall performance.

The Monthly Maintenance Program is $30/month or $300/year (if paid in full), will not only improve the speed and performance of your computer, but also prevent you from calling one of our technicians and paying an hourly rate for work.

Get your computer running like it should!  Contact us today to sign up!

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